Employee of The Month

Employee of The Month

This month we have the pleasure of recognizing two of ACI’s best.

Adrian has worked with ACI since 2012. As a software developer, he has worked on countless projects for the company as part of the Nett Warrior program and most recently on the MAGNES contract.

Similarly, Gary has worked with and for ACI since 2011 as a software engineer. First as a subcontractor and later as an employee with similar performance on a multitude of projects for the Nett Warrior program and now on MAGNES. 

Over the past several months, Adrian and Gary developed a new tool called “The Collector.” This tool provides real time parsing of tactical messages and displays the source information, statistics, gauges, histograms, and other pertinent information based on the connected radio or transport. This tool is extremely impactful, and is actively being used to provide network health, identify system configuration issues, and invalid system behaviors, and collect network data for after action review. Adrian and Gary completed initial release of this tool within two months as part of the Field Experimentation Brand (FEB) Data Collection, Reduction, and Analysis (DCRA) support, but multiple uses have been identified for the tool that will reduce time spent diagnosing network and system problems and allow real time verification of the validity of tactical message traffic.​

In addition to this work, Gary and Adrian’s knowledge, professionalism and commitment to excellence makes them invaluable members of our Team.