Augustine Consulting, Inc.

Providing Solutions to Critical Mission Requirements Domestically and Abroad

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It is how we do business

Augustine Consulting, Inc. woman-owned small business incorporated in Nevada. Our distributed team proudly serves customers in over 29 states and from overseas locations.

What we do

Research and Development

Our R&D team of engineers, scientists and analysts develop systems utilized as part of the U.S.’s strategic deterrent mission. We perform assessments on new and emerging technology to ensure our soldiers have unequivocal technology overmatch.

Engineering and Technical Services

ACI provides technical services such as tactical network and cloud architecture, software/hardware design and development and TAK ecosystem development. We offer cybersecurity development, electronic/mechanical computer design, configuration management and technical writing.

Test and Integration

Whether it’s developmental, operational, cybersecurity testing or beyond, our rigorous assessment methods make sure your project is firing on all cylinders. The ACI team completes vulnerability checks to shore up any weaknesses while strengthening your project so it’s ready for integration and peak performance.

Product Support Services

Augustine Consulting, Inc. provides comprehensive, hands-on, and multimedia training products for the classroom and field so your teams learn and retain the necessary information to excel. We have the manpower and know-how to build out or build upon your projects. And the facilities plus warehousing capabilities to make operations seamless.

Field Support Services

Domestically and overseas, ACI possesses the capability to accompany forces and provide assistance as needed. Whether your team is in the pre-deployment stage, on-site in the field of duty, or post-mission, we’ll be there each moment to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. And our 24/7/365 help desk provides a highly qualified technician for any urgent matters.


ACI performs a broad range of analytics, including JCIDS, operations research systems, engineering, data and more. Our scientific- and mathematics-based methodologies use algorithms to identify, model, test and recommend simple solutions to vast problems.

Who we serve

Augustine Consulting, Inc. has a strong and multi-decade relationship with the U.S. government, with several departments turning to us to tackle their most critical needs. We have worked with America’s defense, energy, state and homeland departments. We’re a trusted voice in keeping U.S. forces at the top of their game.

ACI has evolved to aid other companies in their consulting initiatives with the federal government, further establishing ACI as an industry leader.

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