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Augustine Consulting, Inc. serves customers who need developmental, environmental, cybersecurity, and operational tests performed by an expert team that’s independent of the development team. We offer a structured eight-step testing model. After creating the test plan, engineers set up a test environment. They proceed to generate test cases followed by the creation of test data. After careful review, the test cases are enacted. In all cases, ACI’s engineers deliver objective results.

Your Problems Solved

While end users expect a new piece of equipment will function as designed, pressure to meet deadlines and delivery can result in mistakes along the way. That includes oversight during software development, leading to perhaps a functional, syntactic, or communication error. We understand organizations don’t want to undergo the headache of recalling a fielded product. ACI’s thorough developmental and operational testing prior to production and fielding wrings the bugs out of a new piece of equipment or software application—giving confidence the final product not only meets original specifications, but likewise meets the needs of end users.

Similarly, product managers are frequently required to incorporate new equipment or to connect off-the-shelf or user-developed products into existing networks and systems. That’s particularly true with software-based systems. With complex and secure software-hardware systems, this process is rarely as easy as plug-and-play.

Such situations are best handled by ACI’s systems integrators—a team that possesses a thorough understanding of the technical know-how of the existing system while simultaneously incorporating user insights to the new capability. ACI’s integration approach melds the new application or product with the existing system, adding capacity while verifying the integrity and continued functionality of the existing system.

ACI Can Help

ACI performs the full range of testing with special emphasis placed on independent integration and system testing. Our meticulous assessment of devices, applications, or systems against operational requirements ensures our client’s project is ready for integration and peak performance. ACI’s subject-matter experts perform technical and operational assessments on new and emerging technologies for use in existing system of systems models. The end goal is increasing survivability of our customers, be they Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Guardians, Special Operations Forces (SOF) Operators, SOF Enablers, or First Responders. 

ACI’s team has significant experience in system, software, and hardware component integration, particularly third-party software integration and testing. We regularly integrate new capabilities into the TAK ecosystem. The product managers we serve receive assurance and see measurable risk reduction that results from our objective unit, integration, and systems testing. Get in touch with the ACI team to learn how we can assist you with the testing and integration of your most complex projects.


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